Kim Clijsters accepts a wildcard into the Dubai Tennis Championships


Hope Cluster goes deep into the draw! Justine Henin might follow Clusters back into the WTA for the 3rd time!


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If we look at her age and body, this comeback certainly doesn't make much sense. She's busy managing her tennis academy, it's not like she's bored and stayed at home being a mom. I think it do make sense if this helps to elevate her personal brand a bit more
She gets injured BEFORE her comeback?

Yeah, that's a promising start for sure...

I like Kim, but she's cuckoo to make a comeback now... Maybe she figures "all these girls are winning slams, it's chaos, maybe I can".

Problem is they're much younger.

On the other hand, it would be so awesome if she beats Serena in a slam finale... with Serena get DQed again for threatening refs.