Kim Clijsters Talks All Things Babolat Pure Drive Racquets!

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She's an absolute tennis legend and icon! Kim Clijsters is here (and Michelle might be freaking out)! With 4 Grand Slams, former number 1 WTA and the face of the Babolat Pure Drive, she is here to help celebrate 30 years of an iconic racquet! And in this episode, we have all the models she has used throughout her career in front of her! You will get to hear about her memories and all the nostalgia and stories that seeing each one brings up! She also gives us words of wisdom, fun stories and more as we talking through 30 years of our favorite blue tennis racquet from Babolat!

In this episode you can expect:
- pure awesomeness from a tennis legend, Kim Clijsters!
- Iconic Pure Drive stories
- Clijsters' string set up, now and then
- what makes the Pure Drive so special?!
- what Kim is up to today in the world of tennis & if she might start coaching?!
- and more!

Happy Hitting!
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Love it!

I know she still used the original Pure Drive in 05 when she won the US Open, what racquet did she use when she came back from pregnancy? It was painted like the 09, was it actually that model?