Kirschbaum Pro Line II - The Best Poly?

It is perfect. (Not really, but it's perfect for me.)

I've had a Pro Line II 1.25 X Pacific Tough Gut 17 in my prestiges for about two months - it's maybe 3-5 pounds looser than when i strung it, and you can feel that bit of tension loss, but it still certainly doesn't feel dead. I'm not playing that often at the moment (which explains why the strings haven't broken), but yeah, the tension maintenance far surpasses any other poly I've ever used, with the exception of Kirschbaum Competition, which is a pretty similar string.
I’m using kirschbaum syngut multifilament 16 mains and PL2 18g crosses in my youtek speed pros with 2.25gm lead 11 to 1 o’clock and 1.50 gm at handle end with overgrip . At 58/52 lbs feels perfect . I went through 1 reel PL2 1.15 over 2 years and now am trying PL2 1.25 Black in a reel. Hoping to have similar characteristics in my frames as I’ve tried some PL2 1.20 in sets and find similar playing characteristics as my reel of PL2 1.15.

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me too ive tried pL II and fell in love, looking forward to trying the 1.20 gauge as i tried the one with 1.25
The change is incremental . I use 1.15 and compared to 1.20 it’s the same with only an incremental change overall. Mainly due to increase in diameter of string. I’m hoping to find similarities in the 1.25mm

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I really like this poly. Not as stiff and harsh as Max Power or 4G. Not as bouncy as Cream. Really sets a consistent string response when matched with NG. Right now I have Legend 17g mains with PLII 1.15 crosses at 50/44 lbs in my Phantom 93P and it's a really plush feeling bed with lots of control and good power levels.

Arm feels just as good with this as with gut/cream. So I'm adding another nice poly for crossing with gut to my collection. Need some arm friendly choices as some strings aren't always easy to find. Next on the "to try" list is Tier One Ghostwire.