Max Power 16g is my go-to cross string for hybrids. Great tension maintenance, feel, and control. It also allows the main to slide very well for spin. It's too stiff for full bed for me. Haven't tried any other Kirschbaum string, so sorry cant help you there.

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I have used Proline X 17 for years on and off. Great, predictable string, good feel, power, and spin. Recently ordered a reel. I use it as a cross string.


Kirschbaum strings are arguably the best bang-for-buck in the market from a more established brand. I believe all of their poly strings are factory prestretched, which means they are usually a little stiffer but have stellar tension maintenance. They have a little bit of everything for everybody.


My favorite string manufacturer, I have strung many frames with them and the feedback is always positive. The tension maintenance is very good and they are comfortable strings.

Currently I have strung:
PK 5G w/ PL2 1.15
APD+ w/ PL2 1.20 Rough
AStorm w/ PL Evolution 1.25
PStorm w/ Spiky Shark 1.25


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I'm playing with Kirschbaum Max Power 16 at 55 Pounds in my Prince Textreme beast 100. It has great control,tension maintenance and nice feel . The spin is a bit more compared to my previous string Luxilon 4G. I've recently started using polys and am quite satisfied with its performance so far.
Evo is a great playing string. I've had it feel a little underpowered in the Prince TT95 but it felt right at home in the Prestige mid which hits a harder ball.


THE OG Yellow Spiky shark and Pro Line II Red are GOAT worthy strings, great control spin and comfort. Definitely in my top 10 of all time.


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Kirschbaum definitely makes my top 3 string companies mostly because of value for money, but overall performance is also excellent with the strings I've tried. Yellow Spiky Shark was my favourite string as a junior. I currently love Pro Line II Red as a cross string for poly/poly hybrids. Max Power Rough has great control and really good spin.
Has kirschbaum stopped making supper smash honey btw? They no longer carry it on tennis warehouse and I can only find it via european vendors. I like the honey version a little more than the orange one