KK's Moderator Goof -- Apologies

Kaptain Karl

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BreakPoint and a few others - I accidentally DELETED about four Serena/AO threads. I'm sorry, but I don't have an "undelete" button.

I was trying to MERGE the threads ... which was appropriate. I clicked the wrong button.

I apologize. I'll be more careful in the future....

- KK


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KK, go to your room! LOL

???I was wondering what happened to some of the threads??? Anyway, thanks for letting us know. Very cool of you. :)


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See what happens when you merge too many threads?

Frankly, I don't see what's wrong with keeping threads separate even if they may have similar subjects. It seems that most threads lose their continuity and fluidity when they get merged with others and some posts and quotes within the thread may appear not to make much sense since they are now out of context.

Anyway, it's a shame as that Serena thread I started had some pretty good discussions and debates going on with some vaild points from both sides. Oh well.....:sad:


I figured one or two would get the chop - but did wonder what happened to the bunch of them ;)

Kudos for the 'board apologies' KK, many would not have been as honest or as gutsy to admit as much. Also - I'm sure this little stuff-up, when seen in the overall context of the amount of work you & DD do, is on the insignificant side of non-existent.


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Aha! Thats why I lost 40 posts. Thanks for the announcement, you could have kept quiet but had the guts to admit it, I admire that in a person.

"KK! Go to your room without dinner! And no beer for a month!" ;)