KLIP Venom vs KLIP Excellerator

Discussion in 'Strings' started by Iguodala, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Iguodala

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    Jul 17, 2008
    Has anyone here used BOTH strings and wouldn't mind giving their opinion on the two strings? My friend recommended both strings to hybrid with SPPP in the mains. My friend described Venom as softer, easier access to spin, and also said it felt like the ball dwelled more on the racquet. For Excellerator he described it as bouncier and more firm, you could feel the ball much better. I don't really have a whole lot of experience with different strings, but to me the Venom sounded more like something i would like. However when i went to look at the reviews for each string and the Venom barely had any, while it seemed like much more people had used the Excellerator. I know just because more people use a certain string doesn't necesarily mean it's a better string...but it does say something? I just want a few more opinions from people who have had experience using both strings. I'm not really a string breaker, so durability isn't a huge concern for me, but then again, i've only used full poly before so i don't know how fast i would break a multi. My main concern is feel (i want something soft, but not too dead), and then i of course want good playability. And as long as the string isn't notorious for breaking super fast i won't mind about durability until i actually play with some multis and see if i break them much faster. Thanks for any help and advice guys.
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    I've spent time with both....both are very fine playing strings..wouldnt recommend either one in a hybrid w. SPPP mains...just use something like Prince Syn Gut or Duraflex if you like a firmer string. It's a waste of money putting a premium multi as a x string w. poly mains

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