Klippermate clamps vs stringway 2 clamps


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The question, the Klippermate clamps most of the time have issues with 16 x 19 patterns or open patterns, it makes it difficult to clamp down on those strings. I saw a video of an individual that compared the clamps and basically stated that when you are getting to the end of stringing the crosses on a racquet the Klippermate clamps tend to crimp somewhat the string, which is true. Using the stringway triple clamp you avoid these issues and it might improve the accuracy of the tension. The question would be is worth the money to purchase a stringway double and triple clamp? Does it make much of a difference?



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I am a KlipperMate user who recently upgraded to the Pro Stringer Claws 2.0. The stringbed is a little tighter with the Claws. You could hear the difference in tension when tapping racquets strung with different clamps. I can't say my game is so fine-tuned that I noticed a difference in playability, but after 4-6 weeks my elbow started to feel sore after playing, so I dropped from 53 to 50 lbs and all is well. My understanding from other threads is that the Stringway triple clamps will be even tighter than the Claws.

The Claws are easier to string with than the KM clamps, though they take a little getting used to. It's some nice peace of mind when stringing those last crosses that you aren't going to snap the string while pinching them. That said, I never actually snapped a string while pinching the crosses with the KM clamps.

I would say the Claws are probably a bit more "accurate" and easier to use, but you can produce consistent string jobs with both. I'm happy with my purchase but I also don't view it as absolutely necessary, especially if you are not charging anybody for string jobs.


The KM clamps, like the KM itself, are very "agricultural" but also very functional. They look almost hand made, but are tough, and kept clean by sanding the surfaces, will not allow string to slip.

I've adjusted mine to clamp from 18 gauge to 15 gauge without further adjustments, and yes, while the clamp teeth will leave indentations on the thicker gauge strings, the playability of the strings is not compromised. Afterall, I'd rather some indentations on the strings than have them slip after clamping.

The last crosses on more open string patterns will require more effort to have them sit between the two sets of teeth and the center spacer, but I've never seen this as an issue. Just straighten the strings after removing the clamp and all is good.

Main thing is the KM and the KM clamps will allow replicable string jobs which at the end of the day is what we are all trying to achieve.

BTW I've done some 700 string jobs on my KM for myself and many buddies and they all keep coming back to me for further string jobs.


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km user here for 40y..
i upgraded to the claws because the km clamps no longer hold tension (where the lever arm met the tension screw, the metal was deformed from decades of use)
i've upgraded to a newer km clamp and materials seem to be better (comparing a 40y old clamp to a 10y old clamp)
when my other 40y clamp failed, i researched different clamps, and on recommendation from ttw, went to the claw
tried one, and liked them so much that i bought 3 (2 medium for normal gap, 1 large for big gap)
they are easier to use (more maneuverable, easier to tighten and release, stay at a consistent clamping tension more easily, etc...)
i only string for myself (and now my kids), but while it doesn't improve the string job any, it makes doing the job smoother (and arguably better because there are less fiddly variables).
like others have said, not necessary, but for me, a great upgrade (despite all 3x clamps costing about what my dad originally paid for the km)
This isn't exactly on topic, and I may post this elsewhere, but I haven't been sure where.

I used the Klippermate for a few years and for a couple of reasons, including that tough stretch on the final open crosses I got a Gamma X-6FC. I like it fine, but my stringing time actually increased just a tad. Not that I obsess over the time. Well for my last 4 racquets I started using the fixed clamps for the first couple of mains and then using my Klipper clamps for subsequent mains and crosses after 1X.

Visually, the drawback you see with the Klippermate clamps looks bad, but as many have said, this absolutely gets corrected on the next pull. There is no measurable difference on my main racquets, for which I have stats. And there is no question that they are faster than the fixed clamps on this particular machine. YMMV.

I especially like using a fixed clamp on the last main, giving a bit of a push before clamping the base, then backing it up with the Klipper clamp. Improves the knot tension for sure. And if the pattern is closed enough, I do the same on the last cross as well. (I do a lot of one-piece).

I guess my main point is, keep an open mind, and don't diss flying clamps in general!


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I have Gamma Progression 200 stringer and a Vortex 133 racket. My clamps are too narrow to grip the widely spaced strings. Any suggestion for an alternat flying clamp? Thank you.


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I have Gamma Progression 200 stringer and a Vortex 133 racket. My clamps are too narrow to grip the widely spaced strings. Any suggestion for an alternat flying clamp? Thank you.
Pro-stringer claws 2.0. They are a hair wider that the Stringway tripple and will also clamp narrow gaps.


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The Pro Stringer Claws 2.0 are excellent, the only issue is sometimes they are in awkward positions on the string bed when clamping, now I have a Klippermate. But they are alot better than the clamps that come with the stringing machine.
Has anyone tried Pro Stringer Claw 2.0+ ? its $35 more compared to 2.0, So any real benefits going 2.0+ or is it just the cosmetic changes ?
Which will you suggest Pro Stringer Claw 2.0+ or Stringway Triple + Double flying clamps ??