Klippermate vs Eagnas hyper 60

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  1. formula16

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    Jan 12, 2010
    which machine is better for me?

    i live in australia, so the Eagnas would only be $50 more expensive than the klipper due to shipping costs.

    Eagnas hyper 60


    * Six-point, suspension mounting system
    * Drop-weight (gravity) tensioning system
    * Linear ball bearing string gripper with spring clutch (ratchet)
    * 10-90 pound tension range, kilogram scale available
    * 360 degree swivel turntable
    * Two slim diamond-coated, heavy-duty dual-action thumb-adjustable stainless steel swivel clamp (fixed clamps): 2 PN-1012 tennis clamps
    * Handle any diagonal stringing (fan patterned frames)


    * Six-point, suspension mounting system provides 10-point maximum supports and eliminates any racquet distortion.
    * Micro-adjustable head and throat mounting posts: could move in and out without any adapter.
    * Single-action, micro-adjustable, mounting arms: turn a single knob to control both shoulder support arms.
    * Padded V-shaped shoulder supports
    * Padded head and throat mounting posts secure any frame (including deep V-shaped throats), no cosmetic damage to any frame.
    * Stainless steel ratchet (spring clutch) string gripper makes stringing much easier and faster without need to clamp and repull.
    * Dual-action swivel clamps can move in any direction up and down; and can handle all types of racquets without extra accessories.
    * 2 slim diamond-coated, thumb-adjustable stainless steel swivel badminton clamps. Stringing has never been as easy and efficient as it is now with the Eagnas thumb-adjustable clamp.
    * All-metal ConeLock swivel clamp bases: provide smooth operation.
    * Drop weights for constant pull tensioning
    * Metal machine base with level-adjustable pads
    * Tools: 1 6mm Allen wrench, 1 5mm Allen wrench, 1 3mm Allen wrench
    * Free stringing tools: 1 DP-507 diagonal cutter, 1 NP-500 needle nose pliers, 1 BS-809 tennis awl, and 1 PN-3092 string moverl
    * String all racquets: tennis, oversized tennis, widebodies, longbodies, fan patterned, squash, racquetball, and badminton.

    this will be my first stringing machine

    thanks for all help
  2. struggle

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    Mar 4, 2010
    Western North Carolina
    see if the eagnas challenger I is available there. 40 more dollars (US) for a better machine than the eagnas you are considering. switch action vs. conelock base clamps.

    their models differ pending where you are, so you may not find that exact one, but take a look. very solid looking DW machine, IMO.

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