Knee problem- diagnosis?

Last year I got runner's knee and did something to the outside of my knee too. I did this running too much, 8 mile runs back to back days that kinda thing. I had to rest for 8 months, and now I'm back exercising, playing tennis etc. But I still have a problem in the knee.

When jogging, especially if I'm raising the knees up a little higher to put in a burst, I feel something on the front of my kneecap near the top, like a stretching that shouldn't be happening. It's not too bad, but doesn't feel normal, I worry it could get tighter, whatever it is, it feels like a resistance band being stretched lightly.

Anyone had anything similar? What could it be? I've started to do yoga again to strengthen and lengthen muscles etc. It's worrying me a bit, I really couldn't bear to get injured and miss another 8 months of exercise. Going to see a doctor soonish.
Don't know what you have. No medical education. These comments are more from my experience.

Here is a general report on patellar-femoral pain. Look especially at the table of things which cause pain in that region.

Some knee injuries-

I have a tendency to have tight rectus femorus muscles which causes irritation and can damage the cartilage under the patella. The rectus femorus is the only quad and hip flexor that attaches above the hip. This issue applies to me. I believe it's because my lifestyle - including tennis -does not adequately stretch my rectus femorus.

However, I don't see why a short rectus femorus would cause pain on the front of your knee cap, but maybe it would as pain can radiate. ?? I feel pain on the front side of the leg but just above or under & above the knee cap.

Google -- illustrations + knee cap + patella + knee pain etc until you find many illustrations. Learn the terms.

Since you have been off for some time maybe other quad muscles have gotten tight, short or weak. Look into how your patella might track if these quad muscles are not properly balanced when they pull on your patella.

A Trendelenberg Sign test is used to check your pelvis stability. Maybe you should get one. It is a simple test that can be given without equipment. It tests hip muscles for weakness, especially the gluteus medius.

Pain outside of the knee - research the lateral colateral ligament. An outward push on the inside of the knee would stress this ligament.

For England, I read the medical report below on upper limb injuries and their treatment by general Drs. It seemed treatment was based on the philosophy of assuming that the injury would resolve itself as the average injury very well might do. Maybe they minimize the use of MRI imaging. ? If you have not had imaging and might have something out of the ordinary, maybe you have to push for imaging to get a definitive diagnosis.

There are many long threads on knee injuries, mostly meniscus injuries. Search this forum for runner's knee, etc.
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