knee support/strapping/bandage whatever advice sought!

Ross K

My niggling knee problem which I've has for a few years seems to be getting a bit worse - and none more so than when the ground is slightly treacherous, as it is here in England ATM. I'd describe it as a kind shooting pains that I sometimes tweak, and especially when serving, or bending the knee (the right knee) when unloading on the FH side. It's also noticible when negotiating stairs sometimes. I can usually play with it only marginally effecting my performance, but as I say, lately and in the slippy conditions and having played a lot recently, it's definitely effecting me too much now.

So, re knee support/strapping/bandage/open knee compression thingy/closed knee compression thingy/whatever - what would people recommend? I'd prefer something relatively unobtrusive and not a great weight on my knee.

I'm also aware that many will advise a visit to the doctor, the possibility of a meniscus tear (is that what it's called?), etc - but in the short term, what would folks recommend as a knee support? What do people themselves use for similar conditions when they play?



Knee support only makes sense when support is needed, i.e. a ligament tear, for example. Doesn't sound likely you've got that. Knee support for a meniscus tear is of no real value as it doesn't prevent the grinding that goes on in the joint. You should find out what's going on, as you may just be damaging it more by not dealing with it more definitively.


Kinesio tape might help but than again you've got to know what's the problem before you can use anything to help aid it.

fuzz nation

Never had a ligament tear or anything in my knees, but as far as avoiding soreness and upping the general resilience in my legs, I'm still routinely astounded with the difference I enjoy when I'm riding a bicycle at least twice a week. My "quick" ride is about 40 minutes and when I'm getting occasional outings done, my knees are 100% happy on the courts.