Kneissl Single Shaft Racquets


Could anybody please let me know the story of these racquets - years of production and other info. These models look like Fischer ones. I have only several Blue Star Mid. Though it is not so stable like two shaft Kneissl models, i like how it plays, flexy and power and quite precise also. Though my favourite is a White Star Pro it is easier to to play with Mid especially volleys. I spent some time searching in internet and found pictures of single shaft White Star Mid and Big, Blue Star Mid and Big and Red Star Mid ( don't find Big). Did anybody play with these racquets? Did Blue Star was the cheapest line after White Star and Red Star? Blue Star probably was the most flexible because of fiberglass/epoxy material. Did Red Star Big (single shaft) was ever made? Were some top players who played with these racquets? I can only remember Anders Jarryd who played with Fischer single shaft racquet for some period. Will not notice Stan Smith and his small face Fischer Superform.