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    could anyone in the know could answer the following questions?

    1) The most known Kneissl sponsored players are Ivan Lendl and
    Thomas Muster.

    However as I've search through TT only Lendl really used Kneissl racquets while Muster used PT630, is that more or less correct?

    2) The recent players would be Sevastova and sometime ago Melzer.

    Melzer used Kneissl Red Star mold identical to the one sold in 2007-2009.
    He used a blackouted Red Star for some time. Play tested Head MG Prestige MP (or Pro?) but didn't make the switch.

    He finally got signed by Dunlop and has been using their Pro Mold also used by Tommy Haas and Thomas Berdych which is currently available to the public as AG 4D 300 Tour and Biomimetic 300 Tour.

    Sevastova supposedly uses the White Star Pro (2010-2012 model).

    3) What were the predicaments of the brand?
    I remember that Kneissl was bought out by Sportastic or am mistaken?

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    1) don't forget Helena Sukova! and then they had Kevin Curren as well. Helena was probably the most accomplished Kneissl pro player back in the day with her white star pro. I would count Lendl too because it was the same frame but he was signed under adidas.

    2) the old kneissl red star was 27.5 in length and the new bio 300T is standard length at 27 but the feel and control is very similar.

    Sevestova had a custom frame with the delta head shape but i do not believe the consumer version ever made it to market due to the finance issues.

    3) sportastic bought the old kneissl molds from the 07-08 and includes the muster red star mold. they also have a 98" version which plays easier but still has great control. these frames all have titanium in the layup and feel different from the current kneissl frames that have kevlar.

    kneissl cam out of bankrupcy last year with help from a saudi arabian sheik who promised to provide 2 million euro by june last year. when he failed to do so the company was forced to stop production until they could find a new buyer. they had found a german skateboard company, kramer, who won the deal but they they could not come up with the funds. the sheik then stepped back in and promised to provide the funds which he did in december. the creditors then agreed to take 20 cents on the euro. kneissl has submitted a new plan to operate under and once approved by the adminstrator, it can move forward with production again. so after all of that, it actually looks much more promising. sales offices were never closed but they were selling existing inventory. look for new products and inventory in 2012! :)
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    Spot on, hear hear!!

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