Kokkinakis with Yonex?


I wonder if the new racquet is shorter (std length) as opposed to his Babolat which was extended as he kept swinging through and hitting the hoop of the frame V Tiafoe. Showing that he was used to having an extra few inches there.
Without any firsthand knowledge of the Kok's new racquet, I see that as very unlikely. Usually you try to minimize variables when you're trying out new racquets.


sorry to go off topic... but what is that in the inside of his left shoe? Lol
Did a piece just like come off or what?


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Kokkinakis with Yonex?

I'll definitely take the Yonex, and maybe a 'kis' too - but that's where I draw the line with free add ons...
What’s the knotted rubber band vibration damper?
Just a rubber band used for it - I think that Tourna actually makes these, too.
Koepfer amongst others uses this too, it dampens quite well without adding too much swingweight.

And I guess it is the new old swag :laughing:
What’s the knotted rubber band vibration damper?
Very popular because it works just as well as any retail one and costs hardly anything.

AND BEST OF ALL ... does not add any noticeable weight to the racquet.

Agassi was toting them decades ago.



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so anybody knows what he is using? looks like 2020 ezone mold...
Based on where the bumper ends (3rd cross on 2020, 4th cross on 2022) it looks like 2020 to me. Hard to see the throat but does not appear to be raised like the 2022. Would be cool if he used retail layup - could be + or tour version for all we know…
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so anybody knows what he is using? looks like 2020 ezone mold...
Yep- Ezone. (Most likely??)

So in the coverage here in Oz, vs Cilic, Mark Philippousis was commentating, and he said he spoke to Kokki a few days ? around xmas, and it was funny cause he was like "Kokki- u've just come back from 3 years of injury, and you want to what???" In reference to Kokki trialling different racquet. "Keep everything the same bro!" was his advice. The way Scud explained it was funny in context....anyhow, importantly he said "he is using a yonex, 'the latest' blue one" so im assuming that confirms it's the (2020 or so) Ezone (b4 the very very latest ezone released).

For the astute racket aficianados out there, is this consistent with ur thoughts?

Happy hitting!


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I think it's probably just the colour of it. When light reflects of darker objects they do appear to be smaller than they actually are to most human eyes.
I thought it looked thinner, esp in the pic posted where he has the racket over his head (in profile), but you’re absolutely right. Upon close inspection you can see the tapering going from thin (looks like 20sh mm) beam at the handle to «midsize thickness» (22sh) at the tip. Which coincides with the 19/23/22 Ezone 98 specs :)

But it’s strange how much sleeker this black version looks.


It's great that his injuries are finally behind him. The switch to a Yonex racquet seems to have increased his confidence. It's more consistent in response than his previous Babolat Pure Aero. And, he is much, much fitter than Kyrgios.
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No visible weight anywhere so using a 305g unstrung to battle the best in the world seems a bit hard to fathom.
Given it is blacked-out, it has probably been in the hands of a professional customiser who would be more than capable of putting lead under the bumper or in the handle. I know he used Lester grips in years gone by fwiw.


It’s 100 per cent Ezone 98, the only thing we are deciding is whether it’s 2020 or 2022 mould. :)
And yeah that overgrip is hiding the throat, hard to be sure if the bulge is hiding underneath?