Kyrgios Brings Grand Total of TWO Racquets to Match at Madrid


I think the advent of social media makes his time tougher.

Let's not forget our prestige-wielding savior Marat was arguably much more fiery and tempermental, which oddly fueled him in moments of pressure.

I think Nick has to be Nick, people forget he is generally a kind kid, just can be really sensitive.
Marat never got himself defaulted and never talked about other people’s girlfriends by a live microphone on the court. Nick does a lot of gamesmanship with his between the leg half volley and underhand serve as examples. He doesn’t show much respect for the guy on the other side of the court while Marat never did any of that.
Lol!! Loss of unexpected seeding due to points forfeiture and then ultimate withdrawal; what a train wreck - even Fed isn't gutting out of RG this year, despite risk of injury and more or less admitting he's not going to win it. Respect The Goat.