La Constance Tennis Center: Bringing the Sport of Tennis to Akropong, Ghana, Africa

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Imagine not knowing what the word "tennis" means. If it weren't for Dr. Alex Boafo, many kids in the village of Akropong Akwapim, Ghana, Africa would never know about the sport of tennis. In this episode, we learn how La Constance was founded and uses education, social interaction, advocacy and tennis as a way to teach discipline, education, leadership and sport.


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Founded in Akropong Akwapim 2014 by Dr. Alex Boafo, the La Constance Tennis Center is the first of its kind. Named after his mother, Constance, a strong-willed single mom of 9 successful children; this program has introduced many children to a sport they would otherwise know nothing about. With a single court to share amongst many kids, the coaches not only teach the sport of tennis but also help the kids with their school work and enhance their chances to enter Universities.

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