Labels for racquets and bags


I did a search and did not see exactly what I was looking for.

I am curious what those who use labels put on their labels, and how they get the information on the labels. Looking for fresh ideas maybe.

I use a Dymo LW450 twin turbo label writer. I can keep both labels loaded and ready to print. On my racquet labels I have players name, main string and tension, and cross string and tension. For the University I also have a university logo. These are formatted and linked to my Xcel database so I can import the information from the last string job. These are on a 1/2" x 1 7/8" label. I do not put labels on visiting colleges or the pro players racquets.

I know not everyone places completed racquets in a bag, but I do. I use a 2 5/16" x 4" label. I have date and time of stringing, player name, main string and tension, cross string and tension, and notes with special instructions. Quite often I will have college players request different tensions on multiple racquets, and several of the pro players do the same thing when they come to town. Again, these are formatted and linked to my Xcel database.

What do others use, how do you fill them out, what information do you put on them? I have thought about adding a restringing date for the racquet labels. Maybe add my phone number, just not much room on the small labels. Maybe one with stringing information on one beam, and my information and restring date on the other beam.

If I get a chance I will post pictures in a few days of my labels for reference.


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I wish I could just buy a thousand preprinted labels I could hand right the date, mains type/tension, crosses type/tensions, weight and balance. However I just use small Avery labels and write in my typical scrawl. I need to use labels as I switch rackets, strings and specs like some folks change socks. What few folks I string for as favors I'm not concerned about keeping track.


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For my rackets I usually don’t label them at all. Then I forget the tension and just string them again. It’s an endless cycle but it’s fun.

Yes I know there’s an easier way but I don’t care. LOL


I keep a spreadsheet and have it on the cloud. I can pull it up on my phone if someone asks me a question about when their racket was last strung, or what tension they use, or any detail. It has worked great for me and allows me to keep my AR as well.