Lacoste t-shirt/polo sizing change


I noticed that recently the size conversion on Lacoste apparel changed from:

  • Size Conversion: 3 = XS; 4 = Small; 5 = Medium; 6 = Large; 7 = XL; 8 = XXL
  • Size Conversion: 3 = Small; 4 = Medium; 5 = Large; 6 = XL; 7 = XXL; 8 = XXXL
Does this mean that Lacoste actually increased their sizing, or that they are just labeling it different to match global standards? For instance, I've always worn a 5 in their t-shirts, now I'm not sure if I should move to a 4 to stay with "medium." Thanks for the help.

TW Staff

Lacoste only changed how they convert the sizes from French sizing to US sizing. If you have worn a 5, continue to wear a 5 -- the size of the garment has not changed. The only change is in the labeling for the US.

Hope that helps.

Tiffani, TW