Ladies and Gentlemen - It's the grass season!!!


The entire ATP tour has been on life support since mid 2016 (in a span of months, Djokovic went for his extra-curricular activities, Stanimal and Murray got injured etc.) - with a favorable draw, I can easily see Federer reaching/succeeding in the final. And the same goes for even Nadal. No new real grass court champions.


And the same goes for even Nadal. No new real grass court champions.
I think Stefanos will change that. Very impressed with his all court game. Granted his recent form has been on the back of solid play from the back of the baseline, but he does have an all court tennis approach. His backhand slide looks it has improved too.
I’ll say he’ll be a good shout for his first GS at Wimbledon. Assuming it doesn’t get cancelled.


You know summer has arrived when you see Sir Dan Evans hitting a sliced backhand on the hallowed turf of Queen’s Club. Lovely stuff.


>Dustin Brown in the thumbnail
>Dustin Brown lost in straight sets to Basilashvili :laughing::laughing::laughing:
Did the FO get cancelled? Pretty sure it is still clay season until Monday lol.
Shame Dustin Brown lost he has charisma. Istomin the the guy to avoid at a pet slam though;)


Hall of Fame
They’re clearly working to preserve what’s left of the sport by commencing grass season before the conclusion of the Parisian Parade of the ********.