Lansdorp drills on Tennis Channel Academy

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    Jul 2, 2007
    For those who have seen Lansdorp drills on Tennis Channel Academy, just wondering what drills you think would work best. I caught bits and pieces of the show, but these drills seemed interesting:

    1. Loop drill: Pro stands on service line. Feeds looping balls to player at baseline, who must drive hard through the ball (not loop or lob it back).

    2. Cone on pole drill: Lansdorp puts a cone atop what appeared to be a tennis court squeegee, then had his students try to hit the cone (about 2 feet above the net), trying to teach them to hit lower over the net (which seems contradictory to what many local club pros teach in our area) and drive through the ball.

    3. Jump over racquet on serve: Lansdorp has students put a racquet in front of the baseline on the serve, and students jump over the racquet as they serve to teach them to hit up and into the court.

    Not sure if I'm describing these correctly. Were there any other interesting drills I missed? Any idea if any of his drills are written down anywhere? I tried to find a book he wrote but was unsuccessful. Thanks.
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    A jump over an racquet

    If jump over an racquet destroys it TW could help
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    They all help, so use them all.
    Over the racket, sure, why not? You know you should end up inside the court after your harder serves.
    I like the drill where you and your partner feed hard and soft shots to each of your different shots. Yes, each.
    More practice, up to the point of destruction, is contructive.

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