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Hi all,

I currently wear Nike Court Ballistec 4.3's in a size 8.5. Due to recent foot trouble, I am now wearing two pairs of socks, which is starting to get too cramped in the toe box of these shoes. My toes are starting to hurt because of this.

I like Nike and would rather not switch to a different brand. Do any of the other lines of Nike shoes have a larger toe box? Or do you think simply going up a size (8.5 to 9) would work in the same shoe?

I will be trying on new shoes this weekend, so I'm on a fact finding mission. Thanks!


Try a 9 in the store and see how it feels...
My guess is the best thing to do is keep the model if you feel good in the CB 4.3.
It's just half a centimeter more/size.


Air max cage has wide toe box so I need a half size smaller.
Why don't you go a half size large 4.3? If you like the shoes.
Unfortunately, I have problem with air max cracking issues for both shoes.