Lat Dorsi injury?? anyone ever had one


thought I tweaked my lat a month ago...on a serve...hurt only with serves and last second of my forehand.

rested it ..played...etc... vicious cycle.

then i could barely serve and and a few days later noticed bruising along the rib cage in 2 spots...

shut it down now for 2 weeks.. doing better... but just wanted to know other peoples experience with this


I pulled mine weight lifting in high school. A few weeks later it had healed. Just continue to rest a little longer and you will hopefully be fine. Obviously seeing a qualified doctor is the best advice you can get.


Once the bruising is healed, get yourself a foam roller and youtube how to roll your calves and lats.

And of course can be used on many other body parts.

Will be a worthy investment.


yeah.. my wife is GRASTON certified and she has been treating my Lat and calf..... got a bit of left achilles tendonitis from walking on the boot with my right leg.. but not playing for another two weeks.

been stretching the lat and doing various UE exercises. one of the best has been tying two towels together. One at the very end of the other and swinging it like i would for a serve. Really does well to mimic a weighted service motion. Pitchers rehabbing themselves do something similar