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Discussion in 'Strings' started by anubis, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Hi Moonballs, I've expereinced no problems at all. It's fairly common for Gut/Poly users to drop the tension on the crosses by 4-6 lbs. 8 lbs isn't radical at all. We also have our infamous experimenter TravelerAJM, who is stringing his Wilson Blades at 63/49 with good success.

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    But their elbow won't...

    I've gone back to full syn gut (Head PPS in Prestige Mids) - and rotate 3 rackets. Hard to say but probably getting 5-6 hrs out of each.
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    Not necessarily, I guess ultimately several factors weight in:

    1. Each players personal preferrence of the "feel".

    I have tried both gut main/smooth poly cross on my POG mid at 52lb (can't get any lower without the mains moving like crazy) and soft/edged poly main/plain nylon cross at 40-42lb.

    -- For me personally, the latter combo feels way more solid yet more comfortable without much string movement issue, while the first actually feels too firm for my taste (even with gut!!) while string movement is not acceptable after 10 minutes.

    I prefer the feel of the firmer main strings on a lower tension string bed that "chops" into the tennis ball during topspin plays, but not the firmer *overall* feel caused by the needed higher tension for gut main/poly cross on POG mid, while the poly cross never feel like they are chopping into it.

    (I guess it's because the main strings dictates the overall feel)

    2. As indicated above, it may also depend on the string pattern and head size.

    -- poly main/nylon cross at super-low tension works pretty well on super open string pattern mid like POG mid 14X18 as mentioned above, at least for my purposes.

    3. Depends on playing style

    -- A lot of topspinners choose Full poly on ATP side, many choose poly main + gut/multi cross on WTA and college sides.

    For the hydriders with poly mains, I don't see a whole lot of us reverse the strings orientation yet, even tough we've tried gut main/poly cross.

    Lastly, TW's study has put a lot of factors "in constant" for analysing purposes, for example, they using only one frame category type (98-100), which at least is not a good representation for what happens on the POG or even a Diablo with a open string pattern.
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    i start by making mea culpa and admitting to have never checked the coefficient of friction numbers of the various strings. on the other hand i can say that with my rather stiff 100sq.inch mantis 300, 16 mains pattern and some added lead at the hoop which sends the sw most probably at 370 and above, i have had the following experiences:

    a. full bed poly - pretty good spin development, not only with shaped ones, but the spin production went down quite sizeable after about an hours hit, most probably due to combined tension loss and notching, which obviously increases the string-to-string friction. i am stringing usually in the mid 40s (20-21kg). typical durability i get out of 16L - 1.25mm strings is about 3 hitting hours.

    b. poly mains - multi crosses. i generally have used for the last couple of years the mantis comfort synthetic as a cross string, prestretched manually and strung at the same tension as the mains, typically 21kg (46lbs). i get initially the same action on the ball as with a fullbed of poly, BUT the spin production lasts longer, obviously because due to the soft nature of the cross string, there is much less notching on the poly mains. this also translates into prolonged durability of the mains, which typically is above 4hrs, sometimes, on the stiffer polys i have played, going to close to 5 hitting hours. usually, the crosses break after 2,5-3 hours, but i do restring crosses only and have really fared pretty well in respect to stringbed characteristics. with this rather short exposure of the mains it has never happend so far that the poly has "died" before my first restring, and just recently i had the feeling that one was starting to "fade away", but that was about half an hour before it broke anyway.

    c. poly mains - syngut crosses. give a firmer stringbed to begin with in spite of stringing the syngut slightly lower than the mains. spin production is initially similar to the other setups, but for some reason it is less of a heavy spin as i get from the poly/multi combo but more of a sit-up spin i get from most of the full-poly set-ups. notching of the mains is more pronounced than with multi, but still less than with fullpoly. out of these set-ups i usually get some 4 hitting hours until the mains are through, and it happend a few times that the mains and the crosses broke at the same time, the crosses would have been thinned out considerably already. i usually take 16L - 1.25 synguts.

    d. multi mains - poly crosses. stiffer feeling stringbed even with 6lbs differential on crosses, not really good spin and a durability that is below 1 hitting hour. the mcs for instance was through within 15 minutes, the head pwr fusion (which is sort of a hybrid with a small poly core) broke after 1.5hrs of completely unimpressive performance. strings were moving all over the place and i am not really obsessed with this, but the extent started to get on my nerves as it was, or i thought it to be, detrimental to the control.

    i only played once a poly main / ng combo and it was really interesting, but overall performance was not better than my favourite poly/mcs combos, and i will, most probably within the next month, play a ng mains/poly combo, just out of curiosity. with my playing style i would not expect the mains to last more than three hitting hours - i will take 1.30mm ng, and generally this would be something i am simply not willing to afford.

    i started to keep a stringing log and as of today i have gone through 45mains, starting january 1st, 2013. i expect to get anywhere between 60-70 mains by the end of the year, taking into account that in about a months time indoors season starts here in vienna, which means not only less hours on court but also somewhat less wear on the strings as we usually play on carpet indoors, while outdoors is clay. 60 sets of mains make 30 sets of natty each year and that simply is something i'd rather pay for more court time in winter or attending some more tournaments.

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