lawsuit against WTA


"Ion Tiriac accuses the WTA of generating large losses at the Mutua Madrid Open

The organizer of the Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament is currently claiming a millionaire claim against the International Women's Tennis Association (WTA), which it accuses of causing a millionaire damage.

According to what THE WORLD has learned, Madrid Trophy Promotion, organizer of the tournament, will claim in court the heavy damages that it considers to be suffering for years as a result of the WTA action in relation to the Madrid tournament. The claim has already been entrusted to the benchmark firm of former tennis player Ion Tiriac in Spain, Business & Law.

The core of the demand is that the company commanded by Tiriac believes that the attitude and performance of WTA have been damaging the commercial profitability of the Mutua Madrid Open and counterposes for this the performance of the women's association in other tournaments organized by ATP.

The Tiriac society will argue that it can not be explained how the tournament suffers economic losses in its women's table despite the boom of the same in the last years with figures like Garbiñe Muguruza, Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova . In this sense, the claim will maintain that WTA ignores their contractual commitments or applies them in a way favorable to their interests, causing the economic damages to fall exclusively on the organizers of the tournament.

He will also add that the programming of the different international tournaments of WTA has adversely affected the organization of the Madrid Open. As an example, this year the tournament was forced to adjust its schedule to include players who were playing other international tournaments.

Following this line the company of Tiriac also reprimand that the lack of diligence of WTA in its management has caused the descent of the televising hearings, at international as national level, of the feminine tournaments, automatically diminishing the sponsorships. Finally, he will ask for an investigation of the company and contractual framework devised by WTA to violate the legal regulations that protect tournament organizers.

The judicial battle of Ion Tiriac with the international women's association takes place in full height of the Madrid tournament. Not in vain, the XVI edition, held last May, pulverized all the records of assistance recorded so far.

Thus, Mutua Madrid Open 2017 welcomed 260,228 spectators: 15,568 more than the previous year's edition and 38,000 more than the one celebrated in 2015. Another proof of its success was that the final between Rafa Nadal and Dominic Thiem was the tennis match most seen in TVE since May 2013. The public channel recorded a share of screen of 20.7% which resulted in 2,568,000 viewers who saw the triumph of the manacorense."


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Just producing his public misogynistic statements should be enough to get the case thrown out.

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Tiriac really doesn't like women's tennis does he? He's already gone on record as saying they don't justify what they are getting paid!


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He really just hates women and women’s tennis doesn’t he. Sad.
Just wants to use his money to show his power in places where society is dominated by a-holes like him. Only Nadal had the balls to stand up against his stupid dangerously slippery blue clay court while Federer happily complied.

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