lead at 12 oclock question


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Hi guys ; its known that lead tape at 12 oclock position adds dramatically SW and power also; so:

Yesterday I added 2 stripes of 2.5 grms each (5 grms total) at 12 twuelve oclock to an Bbolat AeroPro drive plus + (non cortex) (the old grey one) to increase stability and enlarge sweetpot ; so my question is:

An example: For flat serves it is better adding lead at 12 ??? i mean it is easier to (PRONATE) TO MOVE and swing fast the raquet? or BTW its harder????

Lead at 12 gives you more speed or helps serving to put the ball "IN"??¿¿¿

or its the tottaly opposite??? its worst??????????

I would appreciate your comments




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tortional stability is acheived by lead at 3and 9 not 12. you raisw the sweet spot with lead at 12 but i dont think you make it larger.lead at 12 gives you more power and increase sw. those two dont neccessrily help your serve go in.increase in sw does not help you swing the racquet faster.IMHO