Lead tape reel, where do you have it?


I always buy the lead tape reel of 36 yards, and always have it on a box with all my customization tools, but the end tip of the tape is always all over the place.

What do you use the store this type of reel, I was thinking to use a “tape dispenser”


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I just put a tiny square of the finishing tape for replacement/overgrips at the end and tapes it to the reel, or any electrical tape or i assume even masking tape, as long as they aren't overly sticky, they are easy to peel off and reuse;

In the past I've used some blu-tac because i had a lot of them from adding weight to handle... but over time they become hardened and lose the stickiness


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I bought two reels off Amazon, and I took some time to cut up both reels into 4-inch (1 gram) strips, and just keep them stored in the bag they came in on my desk at home.


What is the real story about Lead vs Tungsten tape? I realize "lead" is a toxic material, but I'm assuming that in this form, it is not hazardous. That said, I know you can purchase alternate types of tape for this purpose. Anyone have any real information??