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  1. ive read and re-read the lead taping guide for tw but i have one question. i know you place tape at 3 and 9 for weight and place tape at 2 and 10 for a bigger sweet spot. so will i raise the sweet spot and still benifet with raising the head heaviness of the racket by putting the same amount of weight that i was going to put at 2 and 10 or put a small amount at 2 and 10 to raise the sweet spot and the rest of the bluk of lead tape on 3 and 9 oclock
    thanks, btw gamma and yonex=free stencils :D
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    Aug 9, 2005
    I've never seen a racquet with lead at both the 2/10 and 3/9 locations.
    It's better to just decide on one and stick with it.
    Adding weight to 2/10 will make your racquet a bit more head-heavier than at 3 and 9 anyway. So you can accomplish both of your goals by adding lead there.
    I would recommend adding a couple of strips at each part(making it 8 strips in total) to begin with and then add some more later if you need to.
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    to clarify, lead taping is slightly more complicated than those simple 'rules of thumb.'

    Another rule of thumb is: the sweet spot "expands" (or to be more specific, it MOVES) towards where you add weight. 3/9 weights is usually thought to add torsional stability, not just to add "weight."

    Note that the higher (i.e. further away from your hand) that you add weight, the more swingweight will increase. Swingweight IS increased no matter where you put the weight, but it is more noticeable further away from your hand (i.e. it would not take a lot of weight at 12 o'clock for a noticeable difference).

    2/10 o'clock is a good tradeoff between raising the sweetspot, adding a little torsional stability, and not adding too much swingweight.

    One of the best lead-taping tips i have ever heard/read was to just add the lead tape next to where you hit in the stringbed. If you hit square in the middle of your stringbed, put the weight at 3/9 o'clock. If you hit higher in the stringbed, shift the weight upwards slightly. You're not limited to 2 & 10 or 3 & 9, experiment.

    Another note: don't think of the 2/10 position as "expanding" a sweetspot, it more "moves" the sweetspot upwards.
    This is the basis behind prince's TT technology, they added weight to the handle, and the 2/10 position, to stretch the sweetspot in all directions, and add a little stability in the process.

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