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    Hey there tennis talk folks. I started an informal group of tennis players of similar abilities last summer and was fairly successful at getting a group of guys to show at the courts three times a week. The lowest number we had was 4 and the highest was 12. I thought this was good since it was just informal meaning no records were kept or anything like that. We just played a sort of round-robin varying from a complete set to just 4 games against everybody there. It was fun for everyone.

    I was thinking this year of trying to make it a little more formal and keeping some sort of records. Let's say I have 12 players.

    What types of things could I do to keep it fun and also make it just a tad more competitive?

    We are on the north side of Columbus, OH if you are interested in joining. Most of us are former high school singles players and we have one former D1 player and two former D2 players. Our ages range from 22-55. I'd say our level ranges from 4.0-5.
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    If singles, then a round robin is pretty easy and straight forward. If you are playing doubles, you can try a CompuTennis format. In this format, you keep track of individual game wins and you rotate partners on your court every 8 games. Since all of you are pretty close to the same level, you can just bump up the winners and bump down the losers each week. Otherwise I have a complicated spreadsheet that we use at our club that allows a much larger range of abilities to play.
    Here are the forumulas:
    Cell a:players names with a pick list
    Cell b:=LOOKUP(A2,doubleslist,doubles) -this pulls in the rankings automatically or you can just manually enter them in
    Cell c:blank
    Cell D: =(+B2+B3+B4+B5)/4 -this is the current ranking for the court
    Cell E: =((B2-D2)/3)+12 - this is the break even score
    Cell F: enter the # of games won
    Cell G: =(F2-E2) -this is the net ranking change
    Cell H: =(+B2+G2) -this is the new ranking

    Enter all the players in a separate sheet with their current rankings and use the lookups to pull the rankings into the formulas.

    Typical rankings: 3.5~ 80-95; 4.0 ~95-110; 4.5 110-125; 5.0~125-140

    Using this format, you can mix up the partners each week.

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