Leaks for social and non competitive players


Are you looking for the biggest midplus racquet because of your game style?
Citation : https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/LC/RacquetStringTerms.html

Are you annoyed that most light-weight racquets are longer than 27 inches if their headsize is the same as the biggest midplus 's dimension or bigger?

Are you pissed that you find 270g is a little too light and 280g is a little too heavy for your taste?

If you say "yes" to the 3 questions i have posted above.... Sit tight for Jan 2020.

1)I can only say the racquet is not..." in your blood" even though it is one of the 3 primary colors that is heavily associated with Monday.

2) The racquet doesn't grow up to 50metres to fight outerspace monsters in red/silver/white costumes

3)No skiing

4)nothing got to do with Hulk 's radioactive rays

5)Mr Johan doesn't know about this racquet.

See? I told you this is for social and non competitive players only. Hahah

1), 2), 3), 4) & 5)suggested that this particular racquet will not be from 5 companies.
These leaks are proudly disclosed by Raichu. A more sensible and mature version of..... "Pchew".
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305,300g, 285 x2, 275,270.

very very very very very very very very very similar pj to instinct ex tee