Lefty short crosscourt backhand slice return from deucecourt

I serve out wide to the deucecourt. My lefty opponent returns consistently short slice crosscourt. I find it hard to take a slice on the rise even though it is fourhand my stronger side. If I let it bounce a little i am out of position I have to make a close to winning shot changing direction and going over the high part of the net with less court to aim at. How do you deal with this?

Serving to forehand, at least more than for changeup isn't option because that's his best shot.


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Why do you need to take a short slice ball on the rise? Assuming you land a foot or two in front of the baseline, just move forward, set up, hit the ball at the highest point of its bounce.


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When you're inside the baseline, you cannot hit as hard, so adjust with more loop, or slice the ball.
Stronger grips make the shot you're trying to hit more difficult, as the low slice angle return doesn't sit up for strong grips.
After you serve, move to cover that particular return, your options short CC while he's recovering, or DTL if he's slow to recover. Since you're inside the baseline, you don't have to hit as hard as if you were behind the baseline.


I'd hit those short CC mostly. That's my wife's patented return on ad court if I serve out wide on second serve. She's bunts a short flat BH CC ball that lands at the service line and skids low and wide. I usually reply with a CC BH slice as DTL usually floats on my with those low balls. To the forehand side I'd probably try to flick a shallow CC topsin, but if its a really good return and I'm way out of position I'd probably hit a loopy topsin lob to the CC corner and try to recover.


Chip it DTL and advance to net. Being pulled out wide after your serve your opponent will have hard times reaching even slow ball in the opposite corner (unless he is really fast) and will hardly produce decent passing shot. Provided you're confident with volleys and overheads, though.


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Or run forward to cover the short wide slice, and short angle dropshot off the return.
Thank you for the input. Low forehand used to be one of my favorite shots. Now I don't have confidence in the shot and it is difficult to be relaxed and get the timing right. I might also be too slow to react and moving up to the ball.