Leg pain-refuses to go away!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by dirkgnuf, Jun 2, 2008.

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    I was out practicing serves a couple weeks ago and I wacked my leg rather hard in the serve followthrough. I've done this before and usually i've gotten a bruise but this time I hit myself on the inside part of my left leg, and the pain seems to have gotten worse and worse rather than fading. Now, whenever I split step, bend my legs down, jump etc, I feel pain around the inner part.
    What exactly can i do to fix the issue? It's been a good three weeks since this happened.


    If you look at the photo, the pain is located in the area from the top of the heel to just below the inner calf muscle area.

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    Are you talking about the white area at the back of the leg that attaches to the heel? This is the Achilles tendon. It attaches the gastrocnemius muscle to the heel. The other calf muscle, in front of the tendon and running up under the gastrocnemius, is the soleus muscle.

    If you damaged the tendon it could take a while to heal. Be sure to ice it several times a day.

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