Lendl- Clear


Noticed Lendl wearing the C on his cap and jacket; they're a golf company (imagine that with him) and also tennis- they make frames. Anyone tried one of these?
I havent tried it but strung a couple of the frames which are a bit more on the oversized style type racquet... however the frame are solid. Very basic, I am assuming they wanted a Clear PJ haha..
Here are some photos. The racquet looks more suited for more senior and golden racket players.
I think they have a 100 square inch head size... my guy swears by it but it is a very simple plan design... however the frame feels very solid and different from the materials put on the market


I don't think I could go to a 110. It seems pretty light weight and stiff too. I hope their tech works. I wonder what kind of wood they're using as well given how light those big frames are.

Reminds me of those Head Ti frames. The S5 and S6 I think. Might have been more of those but the S6 seemed to be pretty popular around here. Just seemed bulky and unwieldy to me.