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    Jun 1, 2004
    I was reading the new Tennis Magazine with Mauresmo on the cover and the article about her suggest that she may be peaking now at the age of 27, which is a bit late by tennis standards. However I've looked at other sports, specifically basketball, and there really seems to be a correlation between a player's peak performance and their age which I would say is in the range of 24-27. Players such as Jordan, Barkley, Drexler all played their best basketball at age 26-27. Now in tennis, it seems to be a bit earlier which has to make you wonder. Hewitt and Roddick are both in that range however both seem on the downside of their career. Is the long grind of the tennis season shortening player's careers?

    I was looking at Lendl's career ranking and how it corresponded to his age. He was dominating tennis between the ages of 25-30....something we really haven't seen now since maybe Sampras and Agassi. Even Sampras kind of fell off a bit around age 28 or so. What can be done to prolong player's careers? Is it the strenuous training regimen that Agassi and Lendl both employed. Or is it perhaps shortening the tennis season a bit?

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