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  1. Richard Pur

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    Feb 25, 2004
    I'm a 4.0 (used to be 4.5, and maybe will be again) who doesn't exactly like change and have played with Leona 66 for probably 20 years now. I'm trying to find a replacement racquet, and wondering how much the string affects all these demos I'm trying. I used a Yonex RA-5000 because my playing partner insist I use it (I don't think it was from the U.S.). It was strung up with what I thought was NXT Max (white string) and the racquet hit pretty good. And I am not one who likes very wide beam racquets.

    Also, I realize that many people see Leona 66 as a garbage string, but with it being pretty soft and all, if I string up my racquets at 70 lbs, what tension is that equivalent to with "real string".

    Will using a "real string" (16 gauge, etc.) get me more spin? Right now I'm leaning towards maybe the Slazenger Pro Braided, Wilson 6.1 HPS or maybe the Tour 95 racquets.

    Any input and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Gaines Hillix

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    Feb 11, 2004
    RP, there's notihing wrong with Leona 66. It's underrated, IMO, for price/performance. It really doesn't react to high tension any differenty than other nylon based strings and most synthetic gut strings have a nylon base. Any of these strings, including the softer ones are going to stiffen up quite a bit when strung that high. Natural gut retains it's playing characteristics at high tensions like that, but the dynamic stiffness of synthetic string goes up above 65 lbs. especially if the machine is a constant pull. Spin is more of a function of racquet head speed and angle of attack of the face of the stringbed when it strikes the ball than gauge and tension. Having said that, I think thinner strings at higher tension is better for spin in my case. Others disagree. In a dense patterned racquet(18X20) I'd at least try a thinner gauge.
  3. Deuce

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    Feb 13, 2004
    A not so parallel universe...
    I, too, have used Leoina 66 for some 20 years - but my tensions were much lower - in the 45 pound range. It's a great, soft string with tons of feel.

    Whatever racquet you decide on, if you want to try something a little different from Leoina 66, why not try Leoina 77? It's exactly the same string as the 66, only thinner.

    66is 1.40mm, while 77 is 1.30mm.

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