Let the conspiracies begin....

Legend of Borg

So what was it? Two retirements in one day can't be just a coincidence.

Death threats?

Anthrax poisoning from a secret anti-tennis society?

suresh secret plan to boost Hafa's H2H against Djoker?

or was it



Neither were going to beat their respective opponents.
I am going with the pending Davis Cup theory. :)


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Either way...lets be real here. It was going to be a Djokodal final anyway.
Correct. Kei was too tired.
Bergirl would have kissed Nadal on the forehead before the match and kissed his feet after the match. In between those two kisses he would have give ******* some practice.


Nixon suffered the conspiracy of Moscow led journalists, dems and the jewish kissinger led lobby


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Nishikori and Berdych were tipped off that there would be drug-testing after the semis and that this would bother Nadal and Djokovic quite a lot, so it would be better if they cashed in their cheque and didn't play.
Fixed it for you, your post was cut in midsentence. :)


typical kai pulls of the big win against fed and tanks even before stepping out onto the court for the next one.....

Nishikori's injury may have been genuine.

Berdych however, knowing that Djokovic would be fresher for the final than Nadal, pulled out as well so that his idol had an equal chance in the final.