Let's Assume you have a breakpoint, what would you like to do?

Djokovic :- "Well I'd like to have my best chances on the return, stay focused and try to return my opponent's serve as deep as I can ; force him into uncomfortable positions, take control of the rally and hit a winner or force him into bleeding an error....

Nadal :- Dats ombellible no! Bery bery happy tu hev a breik ball against a tough opponent no! I gonna du maah best no!

Interviewer :- Strategy Rafa, strategy..

Nadal :- Oh okay. I'm gonna stay back behind the baseline, try to hit the return with my forehand and control the rally, grind out my opponent, drop shotting him, won't miss a ball & hit ferociously on a sitter no! Also try not to play at server's speed to mess him up no!

Federer :- How about shanking an 80 mph 2nd serve return at waist height towards the forehand side?

Interviewer:- huh..roger??!!

Federer :-Or how about botting an easy sitter from inside the baseline?

interviewer :- (?????)

Federer :- Alternatively, I can be passive enough to allow my opponent for taking control of the rally & win the point, if he fails by luck, we're good no!!
Federer: You know, aiming at the 3rd row on BH return is what I like to do. I also try to invent new ways to dump balls to the net .
I am very talented in hitting like that, you know. Sometimes there's a song in your head and you can not get it out of your head.
"When I see a Break point ,mother Mary comes to me
Speaking the words of wisdom ,she says let errors spree
Let errors spree"
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