Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) Into One Thread


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Wilson Pro Performance has been sold out for months here — can anyone recommend anything similar in feel/weight/thickness? Hydrosorb pro?


Prince resi text tour - trimmed (from a G3 Phantom Graphite 97) - 21.5 g
Yonex 1.5 mm Super Leather synthetic grip - trimmed (on an IG mid with a tk82s) - 14.5 g
Yonex 1.5 mm black leather grip - trimmed (prince tour 98 G3) - 26 g
Kimony super thin 0.35 mm overgrip - untrimmed with tape - 4 g

edit:yonex super leather was listed by me as 1.4 mm but is actually 1.5 mm, so it has been changed
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Yonex Excel Pro AC128EX OEM — 14.7g cut (including 0.2g finishing tape)
Original grip on 2023 VCore 98, grip size 4. No adhesive backing.

Babolat Xcel Gel Replacement Grip — 16.9g uncut (including 0.4g finishing tape)
It weighs 18.1g out of the box and 14–15g after peeling and cutting.
Roughly 2.4mm thick (unable to measure exactly).

I was replacing the original Yonex AC128EX grip with a 2.4mm Babolat Excel Gel. Expected to gain about 6 grams and was pretty surprised these two grips weigh exactly the same (14.7g cut with tape on G4).