Life after Srsh Thread


Bionic Poster
Do the highest 3.5 levels ever seen deserve to be ascended to 4.0? Or is that totally out of the question, because it would generate an intolerable level paradox?
Have we cross-checked this considering all the USTA environments and beyond?

Maude agrees that this threat is for tributes to Srsh. Srsherer is reaching for an Aussie Slam Release. The STC is still very affordable.

I agree the STC is available for very less that the Rafa Academy. But does Sureshs share his tip with the class in person, or is it just instructors that show slides of the tip?


Please elaborate with your own words (not too many, if possible) what’s this supposed to mean.
Look you need to understand Dali here. I know its hard but if he is going to write a short poast its going to be ‘repoarted’. Anything more and its walls of text and a few keywords on 3.5, attorneys, rabbi, krshr etc.