Life after Srsh Thread


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You are allowed to be offended as much as you wish, but please don’t report any posts in Srsh-related threats.
Last month we had a very unpleasant experience with that, of which many of us did not fully recover.
C’mon! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, no!?
Today met a six-member delegation of All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) led by its Chairman Shri. Jagmohan Singh Raina. He apprised about various issues pertaining to the welfare of Sikh community living in J&K. He also wished luck to Srsher in the Aussie Open and is praying for Srsh to capture another Slam titie.
The world loves Sureshs, and stands by him with bated breadth hoping that he can capture the Australian Openings.


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We have now moved to an encrypted WhatsApp group.

To join, please send your hashed mobile number to Joe and Lotta and avail of our group at staggeringly low monthly rates.
I am in lots of WhatsApp groups in which I am the only participant, maybe because I am reluctant to abandon groups, or everybody leaves me alone in them. I will discuss that with the rapist.
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This is very sad. Nobody embodied fecal matter better than the 'resh.
Little has really changed, as life after the Diaspora has turned out to be of the same substance you have described in your post.
We will wander 40 years in the Sinaical deserts of strange threads and conversations until Ruckesh effects a drop volley and leads us home again.
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