Life after Srsh Thread


Nick is jealous of Soresh.





Fertility rate amongst Indian women over 50 has significantly increased since Suresh Tennis movie was first seen on the internet.
Exactly. Srshs is a wet dream for many of them.


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The court next to Srsherer hit a ball on Srshresz court and Srshr kindly reverted the ball back to the tennis champions on the court next to Sreshr.
This is definitely a step in the right direction. He didn’t even think about keeping the ball with him.


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Yestiddy the grownd shocque hear inn FL inn a weigh it never duz, even win The Srshs duz Hiz ballet. Juiced now eye saw why: The Vogelreshs pliéd fore the Mets in Kweens on Sundae, got on base anne then mooved lyke Ricky Henderson, scoring from furst base. Juiced imajine how shooque ewe wood bee if The Srshs whirr fourced to chaise a gulab jamun frum baseline two baseline anne bacque won more thyme. That wood bee a knew cata.s.strophe cauled a Vogelreshkwake:


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The topic for tonight's The Sureshs™ Discussion Group (TSDG) is dampeners, white overgrips, and their impact on the game of tennis. Check your local STC calendar or join with MS Teams at 7pm CST.
These can be fairy interesting. Last one had around 300 participants although only when the sureshs showed up the excite from the Ladies 3.5 internets doubles got annoying and I had to mute.