Life after Srsh Thread


I use a $18 dampener and it has taken my game to new heights

These are levels no one has seen.

Umbeliable. One can only imagine the heights when the srshs goes to lead. Or, he will substitute lead with gold.


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The STC has clinics for sniveled women and degreased men.

The rates are all within your debt cat limit ceiling.

Good God.
I almost fell off my bike reading this.
What does this even mean.

I think I should make a return to the GPPD section to retain whatever little sanity i have left before you suck it out.


It is amazing to me that as hard as The Sureshs™ plays in his matches that he has managed to avoid injury. Nadal and Fedr cannot claim the same. The Sureshs™ is a sure bet for the rec tour Hall of Fame if he ever retires. His [name redacted] $18 dampener and XL Adidas shorts will allow him to play and remain on top indefinitely.


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The Wilson rep came to our park to promote the new Clash but the top Philipino nationals 4.0 players playing dubs eschewed him and said they prefer Srshr over the Clash.


Hall of Fame
Natalia was once a top internet experiencing Sureshian Releases everyday with Rusty and Tina but now she is shock and disgust and has eschewed Satiresh and denies women’s 4.0 singles championship challengers.
wow. Wait! I’m still top internet (whatever it means)! But I‘m pretty proud to be Shock&Disgust :love::love::love::love:

(Who are Rusty & Tina, by the way? Sounds like Dolce & Gabbana, no!? )


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Surshesz followers and students will not be bullied by Natalia or Lavrov.

The French Golden Slam is the prize that stirs the boiling pot of inspirational Srshur stew towards rising 4.0 singles specialist glory

Wow. Wow.


I surveyed gamblers at the high rollers table at the casino and every single one of them have heard of The Sureshs™ and his dominance on the rec tour. I showed them the high backhand volley video and they subscribed to my The Sureshs™ Archives Vimeo feed.