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Discussion in 'Strings' started by FlyingBoat, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. FlyingBoat

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    Jun 4, 2005
    I wanted to see how the Blackburne double strung racket would behave with a bit lighter head, so I picked up some Head Power Fibergel and 19g Gamma TNT Fusion string to try out on it.

    I had heard the Power Fibergel was really light. I believe one poster had these strings at about .17 oz lighter than a normal 16g gut, so I thought I might loose .3 to .4 oz with two sets of this string. I also thought the 19g TNT should be light, though it includes a cross with 17g string.

    Testing the weight of different strings at the post office they all came in at about a half an ounce. These were all out of the package but with the little plastic twisty still on them. The 17g Gosen sheep actually looked a little lighter on the scale.This was a non-digital scale so I am just looking at the analog arm being about between the 0 and the 1 oz. I didn't meaure the actual string length but they all said they were 40'.

    I strung one double strung racket with the Fibergel on one side and the 19g Gamma TNT on the other side and it came out a couple tenths of an ounce heavier than the identical racket with the original 16g synthetic gut still in it! I didn't measure these rackets without the string in them, so maybe they were a bit different from the factory.

    Maybe I need to buy a tenth ounce digital scale to get more accurate readings, but from what I can see so far, these strings aren't appearing to be lighter than other strings I have been using.
  2. Kevo

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    Feb 3, 2005
    Fibergel power is lighter than just about any string I've tried so far in a 16g. You can't go by the weight of the string unstrung. The string stretches during stringing. You have to weigh the frame unstrung and then weigh the same frame strung. Two different frames will almost certainly be different weights unless they were matched at some point.

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