Lightweight shoe

Hi, Ive tried the Asics Court FF2 but they were too heavy for my liking and I get tired alot, and the foot type of the Asics court ff2 is a High arch foot type, I am a normal foot type
foot types example

so I need a lighter shoe and normal type foot for hardcourt and clay, or both at the same time.

jim e

The Asics gel Challenger is a light weight shoe, I am normal foot type, and this shoe is very comfortable right out of the box.

jim e

I agree, the Wilson Rush Pro is another shoe comfortable right out of the box, and relatively light weight as well.
I typically look for light weight shoes, as I run down shots and cover a large amount of the court.


the Nike GP turbo while not super light, actually FEELS really light because it's the most cushioned shoe I've ever work, and I love it so very much. try it!


Head Revolt Pro 3.5.
Great looking, well cushioned, light, stable, durable, not overpriced, and comes with a 6-month warranty