Liquidmetal instinct, it plays well but I have many questions

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Gundam, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Mar 27, 2006
    Yes, liquidmetal instincts are 3 generation old now. I recently acquired a regular and a tour Xl version. Here is my impression and questions.

    1. Reqular LM instinct plays very well. I cannot say it's my favorite but it helps me win. Despite 18 mains string pattern, spin generation is easy. Ample power and very forgiving. Its forgiveness and cushy feel reminds me a little of POG OS (Instinct = a kid brother of POG) although I still believe POGOS is one of the greatest 5 sticks ever produced. Only complaint I have for LM instinct is its hollow-tinny feel. The instinct line was a totally new line from head. They said it was most researched racquet in Head's history (Prince said the same regarding NXG...). Yet, didn't they know it had such a problem? Or did they just think it's no big deal (I know some people don't mind that hollow, cheap feel)?

    2. Now, tour XL version. I haven't hit with this stick extensively but it feels stiffer than the regular version. Anyway, I haven't played with it much. My question is, this tour XL version has 16 mains (probably for better spin generation). If this was for the professionals who can generate enormous racquet speed, shouldn't it be the opposite? 16 mains for regulars and 18 mains for the professionals or advanced players? I compared both. 16 main string bed isn't that more open than that of regular version but still it is more so. Just curious.

    3. One more question. People say the Instinct line was Head’s answer to the Babolat pure drive. Being a curious guy, I got a PD and tried but was not impressed. Probably that’s because I have been playing POG, Prostaff6.0 95, n9561 and PD is very different from my usual racquet. But I like instincts while was not impressed by a puredrive. I just know that puredrives have been one of the most successful racquets for the last decade. Why is it so liked? What’s the strength? Power+Spin? I didn’t feel that way. Why do you like your PD if you like it? My racquet has a little bit old natural gut+hurricane hybrid.

    thanks in advance for your input! :)

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