Lisa Raymond & Allie Kiick: Like Coach, Like Player

TW Staff

What makes a player/coach partnership successful? Lisa Raymond and Allie Kiick unlock some of what makes their connection so strong on and off the court!

Between the two of them, they have 11 Grand Slam titles, an Olympic Bronze Medal, 2 NCAA Singles Titles and almost 100 doubles titles, including one they won together! One retired in 2015, while the other began her career in 2015. Lisa Raymond and Allie Kiick joined forces in 2019 and quickly found chemistry on and off the court. You will quickly understand that both of these ladies walk to their own beat and have fun while doing so! From Allie's Bootcamp training, to spending the offseason on the slopes, to dealing with the harsh mental side of this sport -- both of these amazing players bring a unique perspective and compliment each other in all areas of their lives.

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