Little Mo Regional and National Tournament

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    I've been hearing about this event from several parents, so I'm just curious...How does a junior(s) qualify for this event? ranked 50 in their respective region/sectional? by invitation? or is it an open event to all juniors who are willing to make the trip and pay the $100 entrance fee?
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    As per the official website...
    The "Road" begins in the spring with a "Little Mo" Sectional tournament held in each of the seventeen sections for boys and girls. After the Sectional tournaments have been completed, the eight quarterfinalists from each age division will advance to the "Little Mo" Regionals in the summer. There are four regional "Little Mo" tournament sites: Atlanta, Georgia (East); Dallas, Texas (South); San Diego, California (West); and Homewood, Illinois (North).

    After the completion of the Regional "Little Mo" tournaments, the four semifinalists from each age division will advance to the prestigious "Little Mo" Nationals. The "Little Mo" Nationals will have a prestigious draw of 16 players in each age division and the winner will be crowned "Little Mo" National Champion. The "Little Mo" Nationals is the only event in the country which offers the opportunity for a youngster to become a National Champion in Boys & Girls 8, 9, 10, 11 & under.

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