Lloyd Harris racket?


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Theim just doesn't seem to have "it" this year. Maybe Rafa needs to slap some sense into him at the French Open or something


Casper ruud uses a dr 100+ and fucsovics with a dr 98 standard. Ezone very well represented on tour.
You are right. I Forgot about Márton.
I also want to mention Belinda Bencic. She is using a DR100 painted 2018 green.
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Guy seems to play well on quicker courts. Seem to recall he played Fed early at Wimbledon recently and took the first set I think?

Bit of a mug, no?


Harris uses that EZone well- big serve, live arm, good groundstrokes and a reliable volley. As tall and rangy as he is, it sure looks like he'll continue moving up.


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Doesn’t look like hyper G to me. Does anyone know which gauge of poly tour pro he is using and the tension?


Márton Fucsovics does not use DR version
TennisNerd Says DR.

. Marton Fucsovics is actually using a retail Yonex Ezone DR98 (read my review here) 310 strung with Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.30 yellow, most often around 22/21 kgs. He has said it himself – he is not using lead tape. If that is really the case (not sure why he would lie about this on his own Facebook Q&A), this means we have yet another pro who is playing a rather low weight racquet.


Fuc's looks like ezone to me. not Ai or DR. Wouldnt be surprised if it was the ezone tour but maybe we can get a pic of his hoop and see if there is lead. Hes a strong lad.