LM Prestige Mid vs nCode 90/95

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Pyro, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Pyro

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    Feb 21, 2004
    Of the LM Prestiges, I liked the mid the best, and I pretty much like everything about it, EXCEPT FOR ONE THING, the dreaded 18X20 string pattern, because whenever I wanted to smack the **** out of the ball, it would go long. Other than that, I really loved the racquet, well except for some occasional backhand errors, but that's probably just me. But the ncode gives me hope. I have always loved Wilson racquets and the 16X19 pattern. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could compare these two racquets(preferably the 90), and please tell me if they have similar feels. I absolutely loved the feel of the lm prestige, I just don't like the string pattern. Anyway, any comparison would be great, thanks for your time.
  2. RocketMan

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    I got a LM Mid, and also played with Ncode Tour 90, Tour 90, and a former owner of PS 6.0 (85). Like Pyro, I got one problem with 18x20 pattern, my kick serve doesn't kick as much as it used to, so I have to generate more kick. However, the Ncode got too much power and when you hit the ball on the run, you always hit it long. If you try this with LM mid, the ball will stay in because of its low power and solidness. There is always a trade off, but I think for your case Pyro, you hit balls long not because the string pattern, but because you hit the sweetspot and like me, you don't accustomed to the LM power added when hit right in the sweetspot. I tried to let the racket do the work,and it seems to work for me now, if you concentrate on hitting the sweetspot with less swing, it will PLOW THRU, trust me! LM mid produces much heavier shot than Ncode, but less spin!

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