LM Radical String Help


I took to mind the recommendations I had in my last thread and I think I've decided to try some different strings and stay with my Radical. I'm a stringing noob however, so I don't really know what strings I should be looking at. I currently have my Radical strung with Hurricane in the mains and Xcel in the crosses and it seems pretty fine. But, now I want to try a string or hybrid that can give me some good durability but it doesn't have to have a lot given I have never broken a string so far.

Just to keep it easy to see:
I really want to have some durability so I'm not restringing a lot. I also want a string that can provide me with some spin as that was one of the reasons I was thinking about whether or not to get a new stick. The last thing I want to get from my strings but not so high in priority is for ball-pocketing, although I'm not sure if that has to do with the strings. I've also heard that I should try a thinner gauge of poly from racquet_jedi, and that I should try stringing my crosses a bit looser in a hybrid.

Racquet thread: http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/showthread.php?t=176199


im getting my new radicals soon.
im stringing them with Topspin Cyberflash 1.25 (17 gauges) with one at 55 and the other at 58 depending on how i like it.

ill fill you in on my playtest over this weekend :D


Thanks, I've thought about trying out Cyberflash instead in 17g but I want to see others recommendations first before I try strings out.


I strung my LM Radical MP a few weeks ago with Pro Supex Big Ace Micro (1.15mm) mains and Pro Supex Titan synthetic gut 1.25mm crosses. I strung it higher than I usually would for a poly hybrid to try to correct for the initial tension loss. After the initial tension loss ( 3 DT on ERT 300 after 2 days and 1 hitting session), the tension maintenance has been great. It's a real comfortable combination with good spin, power and control. Wear and durability so far is good. The combination is cheap. $8 for a pack of poly and $3 for a pack of synthetic gut. That equates to $5.50 per stringing.
IMHO LM radical is perfect for the Natural Gut.Greatly strengthen the power,spin and ball pocketing.

The dense stringpattern give the Gut a reasonable durability(over 25 hours for me).U can also hybrid it with a syn gut to lower the cost.


I'm enjoying 16 g synthetic gut at 54 lbs in that racquet. Much better feel and touch on volleys than with stiffer strings or higher tensions. Groundstrokes adjust quickly. You add the spin. Try it, and give yourself a couple of weeks to get into a groove with it before you pass judgment.