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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by ryptonite, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Jul 6, 2006
    I found a setup that I really like!

    I've always played with heavy rackets nxg mid 12.6 ounces, ps 6.0 85 12.8 ounces...however I wanted to try a lighter racket, with a slightly bigger head and sweetspot. I like the way the Lm radical player..very smooth, big sweetspot..but i felt it was a bit too light and underpowered.

    I messed around with a few setups and have settled on:
    16g at the very bottom of grip
    2g at 12
    Total static weight with over grip is just over 12 oz.

    Listen, I have been looking at these boards for the past 12 months and reading a lot of the advice about lead and it has been really useful. From my experience these are the tips I would give to get to the setup you want:

    1) Don't focus too much on exact specs. When you add lead and play with it you will know if you don't like how it feels. I think travelrjam has some really useful advice about general principles of customising, and some of his correlations are fascinating. For me however, matching my racket to an exact pro style balance was less important than making my racket feel and play as I wanted it to. I have realised the benefits of a slightly more head heavy balance than I was previously using (10 points) on my one handed backhand (especially those above waist height). If you are an experienced customiser you may have an idea of what specs you like, however if you are new to this just add weight at different locations (depending on what you want to achieve) and then test it until you like how the racket plays. The testing phase is annoying but it is definitely worth it...

    2) Don't be put off by adding weight to the head of the racket if you are starting out with a light racket. If you are a decent player you may be able to handle more swingweight. I added 4g at 12 which is meant to increase the swingweight quite significantly. The only reason I reduced it is because I felt the power was a little high...the swingweight was ok though. Don't be afraid to add weight even if you think ' the swingweight will be too high for me'. Add lead, try it out, don't go whacking serves as hard as you can initially, go slow, and see how it feels. Only the individual knows how much swingweight they can handle...also your body can adapt. Add lead slowly, and test it out gently...

    3) There are a lot of differing opinions you will read...and you may be torn by who to listen to. My advice..get a reel of lead tape from TW for about $20...STOP LISTENING...TRY IT OUT. I think there is some truth in what a lot of people are saying on this board even those who argue with each other...

    Just my 2 cents..

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