Local tennis shop has the Blk/whte/ red Barricade 6


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My local tennis shop has the blk/white/red Men's adidas barricade 6 for sale. They have the white and silver women's for sale also.

I'm not advertising for them rather just letting everyone know it's a matter of a few days before TW will post theirs up for internet sale. Unless you are in seattle area, you can be the first one's to have them and post pictures.


i assume avanti? how much are they running for? and what 2.3 colorwaysdo they have in thanks
I was just at the avanti in seattle yesterday, and they had the 2.3 in Blue/Black, the Nadal FO grey/green, and the white/black/grey. I sat there for 20 minutes trying to decide if I wanted the blue or the grey/green. The manager there said he could get the blue ones from one of their other stores since they did not have my size. So I am assuming they have those colors in all of their stores. They also had the blk/white/red barricade 6, which I did not see a price tag for and I didn't bother to ask.
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Why would they have the white/silver barricade 6 women for sale? O___o.

Last time I went there, I didn't see it for sale.

Btw, do you know how much the women one cost? ;)